Gloucestershire - History, Holidays, and Fine Food

Gloucestershire, pronounced Glostershire, is a pretty English county located south west of the English midlands yet not south-west enough to be truly part of the English south-west! The capital of Gloucestershire is the city of Gloucester, and that is where we begin our tour. The city lies at the foot of the Cotswold Hills on the Severn River at its last point before the river widens and becomes the Severn estuary. There are still docks down on the river, yet today they are mainly used for pleasure and leisure boats. The huge stone warehouses and mills have for the most part been converted into sought after apartments and shops, particularly antique shops. The city is ancient, once Roman named Glevum, and that was by no means its earliest history. Dominating the skyline is the majestic grey-stone Cathedral.

Cottage Holidays

Holiday time is around the corner and its time to plan where to go and what sort of holiday you prefer. If you dislike the hustle and bustle of busy hotels or living in a selfcatering apartment what are your options! You can rent a caravan or hire a tent, or you could decide to take a cottage holiday. Holiday cottages come in all shapes and sizes tiny ones for two people or large ones for ten to twelve people or more. They can be quaint and crooked or up to date with all the mod cons. You can find one with a thatched roof which is every ones picture of a real country cottage, or many of them have a swimming pool or tennis courts ! They can be in the depth of the country away from it all, where woodland and wild flowers are in abundance, or in a small village where the local shop sells anything and everything.

Summer Vacations: 7 Universal Laws for Survival

Summer vacations - what better topic could there be for a mental health column than one so likely to separate you from your own mental health? With that notion in mind, here are 7 Universal Laws for Summer Vacations. The Law of Preparedness: It s been said that prior planning prevents poor performance. Planning for a vacation is one of those interesting paradoxes of life: the more you plan, the more room there is to have fun. The Law of Plan B or C, D, etc. : If it s good to plan, then it s also good to have a back-up plan, sometimes more than one. What are you going to do if they have lost your reservation or your luggage? What are you going to do if the amusement park or other attraction you have traveled so far to see is closed for the day?

Villa Holiday or Package Holiday

Everybody knows someone who has been on one and an awful lot of people have been on one themselves. Yes we are talking about the age old Package holiday. The safest, most common holiday. Package holidays have been around for years and I am sure everyone will know someone that has went to a travel agent and booked a holiday through them. Is the tide turning though? Have people found a better way to enjoy their holidays costing them a fraction of travel agent prices? Villa Holidays is now becoming the main way to book a holiday. For the first time since villa holidays came on the scene more holidaymakers are booking their holiday direct with the owner or through a website that offer villa holidays than with a Travel Agent. Let us have a look at the Pros and Cons of both types of holidays.

Ten Reasons to Move to the Costa Brava

After France, Spain is Europe s most popular holiday destination, and the apparent dominance of France is to a large extent due to visitors in transit elsewhere. In 1996 between 1.2 and 1.3 million European tourists visited Spain. It is therefore not surprising that many of them become interested in buying a home there. Spain s property market generally has enjoyed strong growth, with the Costa Brava enjoying a particularly large rise in values. About 20 of foreign owners are more or less permanent residents of Spain, while the remaining 80 bought their property for either holidays or investment purposes. The Costa Brava is particularly attractive because Summer heat is less intense than further south, Scenery is spectacular, There are beautiful well-preserved mediaeval towns like Pals and Peratallada everywhere, Catalonia is well run with good roads and railways The A7 motorway is never more than a few minutes drive and connects to the French network Barcelona is easily accessible Golf courses are numerous and of the highest standard all year round In winter, there is good skiing in the nearby Pyrenees There are cheap flights to Girona Costa Brave airport and to Barcelona and Perpignan.

Port Douglas Hinterland Accommodation

Cairns Rainforest Retreat is ideally located for your unique rainforest hideaway experience. Nestled in the beautiful Julatten valley, just 100 km from the vibrant tropical city of Cairns in Tropical North Queensland, it is part of the Cairns highlands and Port Douglas hinterland. Julatten is also world renowned for the variety and beauty of its tropical birds. Here you can experience the precious Wet Tropics area of Australia - one of the most diverse, intricate, richest and ecologically interesting areas in the world. As well as being an attraction in itself, Cairns Rainforest Retreat is an ideal base to explore one of the most physically beautiful and historically interesting places in Australia. Some of the most beautiful places to visit in Australia are no doubt located in Queensland. Named as the land of the Queen, and rightly so, it boasts beautiful weather, beaches, rainforests, mountains, you name it.

Why The Vacation Home Sale Market Is Unsustainable

The rental market and Vacation Home sale market is unsustainable. Property prices are still rising by appalling amounts. Yes that s great on the surface, but match today s house prices with what people are quoting for rentals. Anybody seen a 20 or 30 rise in their income from guests? Anybody seen flight prices coming down? Anybody seen car rentals coming down? Anybody seen attraction prices coming down? Any form of economics will show that if you have a home and have a mortgage of anything in excess of 1000 with all the associated costs like utilities, management, taxes, replacement and upgrades, and if a home is being rented for anything less than 80 a night based on 35 weeks rentals that home is being run at a loss. There is ample evidence to show that that homes are being rented for less than that.

Top Ten Reasons To Pick A Vacation Rental

We are planning a family trip for just a few days. That is my family, my brother s family, and my other brother s family. Our mother will be joining us, too. That makes four households, seven adults and six children all under three years old. Praise to my brave foolish? wife who has somehow volunteered to coordinate the arrangements. Even reserving months in advance, we were unable to get four rooms adjoining at the motel, all with the right view and on the right level. If we were going for longer, we would probably rent a house as we have done before. There are vacation rentals in almost every corner of the world, but they are particularly common in high-tourist areas like Florida, California and the Mediterranean countries. Here is my top ten list of why a family should pick a vacation rental and specifically a vacation rental home : Not toiling to find ideal, adjoining rooms.

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